The 10 SOC commandments

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The world of cybersecurity can be a scary and complex place, but a Security Operations Center (SOC) can be your first line of defense against cyber-attacks. Just like any game having a strong offense and defense are essential to your organization’s success. To Paraphrase Christopher Wallace here are the 10 SOC Commandments:

  • Thou shalt always monitor for threats: Keep an eye on your network and endpoints at all times. Use security tools like SIEMs and IDS/IPS to detect and respond to threats in real time.
  • Thou shalt never underestimate the power of the human element: While tools are important, it’s people who make a SOC successful. Hire the right talent and train them well to be effective defenders.
  • Thou shalt always keep thy software up to date: Keep your software and systems updated with the latest patches and security updates. Vulnerabilities in software can often be exploited by attackers.
  • Thou shalt not neglect thy backups: Back up your data regularly and test your backups to ensure they can be restored in the event of an attack or disaster.
  • Thou shalt always have a plan: Have a well-defined incident response plan that outlines how your SOC will respond to different types of incidents. Practice your plan regularly to ensure everyone knows their role.
  • Thou shalt not overlook thy logs: Keep logs of all activity on your network and endpoints. Logs can be invaluable in detecting and responding to threats.
  • Thou shalt always test thy defenses: Regularly test your SOC’s defenses with penetration testing and red team exercises. This will help you identify weaknesses and improve your defenses.
  • Thou shalt not ignore thy employees: Educate your employees on cyber threats and best practices for staying secure. Your employees can be your biggest asset or your biggest liability.
  • Thou shalt always be vigilant: Don’t let your guard down. Cyber threats are always evolving, so stay up to date on the latest threats and adjust your defenses accordingly.
  • Thou shalt never stop improving: Continuous improvement is key to staying ahead of cyber threats. Regularly review and improve your SOC’s processes, technology, and training.
Following these 10 SOC Commandments can help your SOC stay effective and successful in defending against cyber attacks. Remember, these rules don’t work unless you do. We’re stand at the ready talk cyber when you are. Just fill out the contact form below. Stay vigilant!!
By: Khareem-Khan Dunn


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