Multi-Tenant Cloud Dev Ops

Host multiple, virtual instances of your cloud service.

Multi-Tenant Cloud Dev Ops Solutions

Chestnut Hill Technologies derives a Cloud Foundation Strategy to render Infrastructure as Code (IaC) continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) framework for all cloud platforms via a homogeneous methods for AWS, Azure, and GCP, and assembles a Cloud Governance Team responsible for Infrastructure governance for all multi-tenant cloud environments.

As a result, Dev Ops provides source control management, deployment, and governance for not only infrastructure, but also support administration of business payload development teams. Teams are designed via stewards for areas such as Security, Applications, Data Architecture, Middleware, Support, & Visualization which function as an integrated team and empowered to deploy via Dev Ops CI/CD framework based on homogeneous methods for provisioning, configuration management, image deployment, cost profiling, change management, review, approval, and project management.