Privacy & Compliance

Keep Your Sensitive Data Protected and Avoid Data Security Incidents.

Chestnut Hills Technologies (CHT) maintains regulatory and legal requirements for data storage, data processing, and maintenance of personal information. Our implementation of Privacy & Compliance services avoids data security incidents and keeps your sensitive data protected.

With Privacy and Compliance, CHT assists businesses in transcending different challenges.

Deploying Privacy & Compliance CHT strengthens business growth in dynamic ways :

  • Helps avoid fees and penalties – We are aware of the existing compliance laws and regulations to client’s specific industries. Lawmakers around the globe are constantly imposing legislation that protects the security and privacy of personal data collected by organizations. Violating these regulations and laws can result in severe fees and penalties.As CHT complies with privacy regulations, we make sure to maintain certain legal rules and requirements. One of the legal requirements is executing strong security protection to ensure that the company’s data is safe. Some of the common Security & Compliance frameworks include:
    • HIPAA
    • PCI
    • General IT Security
  • CHT protects your business with Security Compliance – CHT sincerely wants to protect businesses from data breaches with the advantage of Security and Compliance. We treasure customer’s valuable data by implementing Security and Compliance.CHT educates all the employees with Security & Compliance policy to ensure that employees give compliance the necessary attention. We prioritize to refine and maintain the client’s brand value and gain trust by protecting businesses.
  • Enhance data management capabilities of enterprises – We provide outsourced monitoring and management services. Taking advantage of Managed Security Services, CHT offers antiviral services to businesses. Through cutting-edge GDPR Certification, we offer the best practice of security support to manage data adequately.CHT’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) tool gives enterprises a framework of data management capabilities, business processes, policies, and technologies that ease the management and safety of digital or electronic performances.
  • Increase business value – CHT consultants work closely with PCI (Payment Card Industry) DSS (Data Security Standard) companies that store, process or transmit credit cardholder data to comply with the standards. Our experts ensure compliance with PCI DSS processes and technology. This builds our credentials for managing clients. We add the same value to every business when we work as a trusted advisor of engagement components and methodology.
  • Support access control and accountability of businesses- After GDPR data protection implementation is achieved, the prevention against data leaks is established within the company that supports access control and accountability of enterprises.The successful implementation of sensitive data discovery tools, data encryption, data subsetting, data masking, and data generation tool and robust data masking software allows the locating, assessing, and securing of sensitive data fields. We guarantee that only authorized users can have access to sensitive data.We choose an addition to the existing team for our experience in the IT field and extensive knowledge in the areas of Privacy and Compliance.