Data Privacy

Data Privacy Regulations

Save your customers and employees from security breaches complying with Chestnut Hills Technologies’ (CHT) Data Privacy regulations.

Protection We Shield Your Business With the Best Practices of Data Privacy compliance:

  • Defend Your Business from Data Breaches – As CHT complies with Data Privacy regulations, we make sure to maintain certain legal rules and requirements. One of the legal requirements is executing strong security protection to ensure that the company’s data is safe.

    With these safety measures, CHT decreases the chances of security threats to your businesses so that your enterprise won’t suffer a huge loss of revenue. With well-executed Data Privacy regulations, CHT avoids the $3.92 million costs of the data breach.

  • Customer’s Data Privacy is our priority - We keep your data and holistic identity securely protected by delivering Data Privacy services. From HIPAA, PCI, and General IT Security Controls Validation to cutting-edge GDPR Certification, we offer the best practice of security support to all our clients across most vertical and high-demand areas.
  • Maintain and refine client’s brand value - CHT takes data breaches very seriously, as the company’s reputation and brand value entirely depend on it. When customers share data with us, they want it to be safe and protected. Taking advantage of Data Privacy services, we prioritize refining and maintaining the client’s brand value.
  • The code of ethics - Implementing best practices of Data Privacy we support the code of ethics of businesses. Most enterprises have a code of ethics in place. This is one of the important policies to stay in businesses. CHT maintains customer’s confidential information responsibly to consolidate the security posture of businesses, leading to continuous business growth.
  • The competitive edge of advancement - Most industries and enterprises are concerned about how their data is being protected and used. CHT has devised and introduced a plan that creates a framework for sensitive data housing and implements solution components.

    We choose an addition to the existing team for our experience in the IT field and extensive knowledge in the areas of data security and data protection. Our Data Privacy experts comply with Data Privacy regulations that will provide businesses with a competitive edge of advancement and help treasure their data safely.

  • GDPR is one of the toughest Data Privacy regulations to comply with. We significantly follow all legal regulations and requirements of GDPR and count on leniency. After GDPR data protection implementation is achieved, the prevention against data leaks is established within the company.

    The successful implementation of sensitive data discovery tools, data encryption, data subsetting, data masking, and data generation tool and robust data masking software allows the locating, assessing, and securing of sensitive data fields. We guarantee that only authorized users can have access to sensitive data.