Our History

The History of CHT

Jack McCarthy conceived the idea of creating a lean, highly agile, scalable, and highly capable Technology Consulting Firm which would deliver Best Practices of Technology Consulting in a manner which he had not encountered.

In his 20 plus years in IT Professional services, McCarthy discovered an unmet need in client demand for IT Professional services. The value proposition which he crafted for Chestnut Hill Technologies (CHT) was to deliver a blend of Best Practices of IT Solutions and Managed Services (e.g., Big 4 and Global SI’s) and Best Practices of IT Consulting (often referred to as Staffing), and to deliver these hybrid services in a lean, agile, and highly transparent and accountable manner, with consistent delivery and execution.

Early Years How It All Started

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This hybrid model found traction very early into CHT’s mid 2016 launch in Boston, as CHT quickly began onboarding projects for Cloud Security Assessments, then expanding into ERP Delivery and Fulfillment, and then again into Infrastructure support and Database support. By mid 2017, CHT was established in Boston and South Florida and expanded again into Cloud DevOps support, GDPR and related security support. After competing successfully on consecutive Light RFPs with a prominent South Florida high-tech unicorn, CHT won back to back awards for SAP S/4HANA and AWS Greenfield deployment. This AWS deployment grew into the largest AWS deployment in the South East for 2018. The engagement with the high-tech unicorn spanned over 3 years, only interrupted by the pandemic, and was of such scale and dimensions that the Amazon Web Services Partner Team awarded us two field service credits for it. The typical award is one credit per successfully launched engagement.

Today, CHT has over 16 AWS and Multi Cloud clients under management in five major markets, but the core to the CHT value proposition has remained constant. The delivery of highly scaled, agile, high capability strategy and tactical IT services in a highly transparent, lean pricing model. And to provide CHT Hyper Care in flight support to both clients, staff and consultants, ensuring best possible outcomes and client experiences.