Penetration Testing

The Goal of Penetration Testing

CHT evaluates the security infrastructure of businesses with Penetration Testing, and in the process, we make sure to exploit vulnerabilities securely. The aim is to understand if there are any security weaknesses in the network or software of these businesses.

Why Us How CHT Helps Businesses Implement Penetration Testing

  • Cybersecurity Program Strategy - We execute Cybersecurity Program strategies recognizing your business’ loopholes and weaknesses. We also analyze the depth and safety of your information security program. Using Penetration Testing, we offer customized Cybersecurity protection for individual business needs.

    Taking advantage of Penetration Testing, CHT executes dynamic, multi-layered Cybersecurity Services and transforms your business growth with Cybersecurity Intelligence, Identity, and Access Management, Cloud, and Managed Security Services. We can deploy a comprehensive approach for your business to identify and prevent Cybersecurity breaches.

  • Prepare for The Unknown - By executing Penetration Testing, CHT helps businesses prepare for unseen and unknown events. In the dynamic Technology and Consulting industry, the demand for Security Protection and Services is at its peak. Penetration Testing strengthens the data security of your business with resilient tiers of protection. This way your business is protected if any fretful events like cyber hacking happen.
  • Third Party Risk Management – By implementing Penetration Testing, CHT’s comprehensive Cybersecurity Services cover Scope Definition, Assessment, Initial Risk Assessment Gap Analysis, Gap Advisory, Plan Point-to-point Encryption Solution, Ongoing Monitoring and Compliance. We aim to secure your data from cyber threats. We provide employees training and educational awareness with the compliance standards. Using Penetration Testing, we can identify if there are any loopholes in the security protection and provide comprehensive security programs.
  • Compliance with Security Regulations - We keep your data and holistic identity securely protected by delivering Data Privacy. From HIPAA, PCI, and General IT Security Controls Validation to cutting-edge GDPR Certification, we offer the best practice of security support to all our clients across most vertical and high-demand areas by deploying Penetration Testing.
  • Data Governance – With CHT’s Penetration Testing Services, we help businesses identify and remediate unauthorized breaches of data. CHT has built out and deployed some of the best Cyber and IT Security resources to provide in depth support to our clients.