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Cloud-based Analytics Deliver Insights to Transform Your Business

Data today is size-agnostic, with every business of every size having a constant stream. The challenge lies in converting that flow of information into understanding that actually helps your business. This is where Amazon Web Services (AWS) comes in to help small and medium-sized businesses. A bit like Rumpelstiltskin who spun straw into gold, the AWS platform of predictive and ML-powered analytics transforms data into insights that you can leverage to grow your business.  And, unlike Rumpelstiltskin, it does this without extracting a heavy price, thanks to its right-sized, usage-based offerings, where you only pay for what you use. This, combined with the flexibility to speedily scale up and down with your needs, is useful to a small- or medium-sized business, particularly while navigating economic uncertainty. AWS can save you up to 48 percent on your Total Cost of Operations (TCO) and 42 percent on IT infrastructure for your analytics and business intelligence solutions.

Access industry expertise tailored to your needs

In addition to cost savings, you also gain access to established experts with a proven track record in helping small and medium-sized businesses with all their analytics needs. They cover everything from evaluating and using tools, to best practices for collecting, storing, governing, and analyzing data, leapfrogging the years that it would take you to build this proficiency in-house. Complementing the cost saving and access to expertise is the speed that being on AWS brings. It reduces time to run queries by 79 percent and increases the number of queries by 37 percent. This is layered over the inherent security and resiliency built into AWS from the ground up, which can provide up to 69 percent reduction in unplanned downtime and fewer security incidents.

Take your first step

You can start to see business benefits by switching to cloud-based analytics today. Learn more about cloud analytics for small and medium-sized businesses.


By: Khareem-Khan Dunn | CHT | Cloud | AWS

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