Consulting Services

  • Solution Architecture and conceptual design for SAP Hybris Billing and SAP Contract Accounting (FICA) platforms
  • Supporting end-to-end SAP O2C (Order to Cash) processes including the Hybris Billing/FICA/FI/RAR
  • Solution design and configuration of SAP RAR (Revenue Accounting Reporting) for SAP Sales Orders and Invoices from SAP SD and SAP Hybris Billing. 

Implementation and Integration

  • Implementation of Hybris Billing including Convergent Charging (CC), Convergent Invoicing (CI) and Contract Accounting (FICA)
    · Integration Solutions with SAP SD and FI/CO for Hardware Sales
    · Custom Sales Portal for sale of Digital Goods
    ​​· SAP Revenue Accounting Reporting (RAR)
  • Integration solutions with the other enterprise systems, including your ERP, CRM, OMS, and WMS
  • Implementation and management of all layers of the Hybris Billing solution stack

Subscription Order Management

  • Order monitoring and billing accuracy
  • Customer acquisition: product and offer combinations

Responsive Quality Control

  • Service utilization measurement: Accurate utilization measurement to avoid under-billing and prevent loss and duplication
  • Subscriber level service control: Control the services provided from the subscriber level and improve customer satisfaction by reacting to their usage in real-time

Agile Charging

  • Pricing Optimization: Update pricing models with agility to stay ahead of the competition
  • Offer Targeting: Provide customers with personalized offers, with product catalog retention and consistency

Optimized Pricing Simulation

  • Segment-Level Pricing Strategy: Define pricing strategies according to consumer segment
  • Coupled with SAP HANA, view real-time outcomes of pricing simulations, with accurate analytics


  • Invoice Streamlining: Adopt simple and clear invoicing with items from multiple lines of business to reduce printing and mailing cost
  • Vendor Inclusion: Incorporate third party vendors to increase transparency and keep customers informed of which vendor is responsible for a particular charge

Customer Financial Management

  • Payment Options: Provide several modes of payment options for consumers from credit/debit cards, checks, cash or bank transfers, including flexible payment plans
  • Back-end Automation: Enable customer service agents to provide great service by automating back-end processes

Consolidated Billing

  • Billing Integration: B2B customers can transact easily with a single contract, quote and bill even for complex offerings and enjoy a smooth customer experience
  • Single Invoicing: Save time and money through a single invoice and avoid manual integration of products, services and projects

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SAP Integration Services

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Solution Architecture and conceptual work for end-to-end Supply Chain Processes using SAP S/4HANA

  • Process Design and Implementation of: 
    · Forward Logistics 
    · Demand Driven Material Requirement Planning (DDMRP)
    ​​· Live Inventory Management
    ​​· Contract Manufacturing Procurement
    ​​​· Advance Returns and Repair process 
  • Warehousing and Logistics Integration with multiple 3rd party service provider
  • Reverse Logistics optimization for e-commerce business, with end-to-end control and transparency along the reverse chain

SAP Ariba Procurements

  • Supporting end-to-end SAP Ariba Solution

Technology Consulting & Managed Services Delivered.

SAP Revenue accounting and Reporting (RAR)

  • Led requirement gathering (blueprint workshop) for SAP revenue accounting reporting (RAR) 
  • Implemented SAP revenue accounting and reporting (1.3) with SAP sales distribution (SD) and Hybris /FICA according to guidelines provided by IFRS15 and ASC 606 with S/4 HANA 1610
  • Designed SAP RAR business process flow for physical and digital goods with accounting flow for business cases in scope
  • Worked with SAP to enhance SAP RAR as specific to Magic Leap business solutions
  • Provided creative solutions to complex revenue accounting business use cases by leveraging SD, BRF+ and Hybris/FICA
  • Implemented required enhancement, and introduced few custom fields to accomplish required compliance accounting and reporting for revenue recognition
  • Led and Facilitated required integration between SAP RAR, SD, and Hybris-CI (Convergent Invoicing)/FICA.
  • Managed unit testing, integration testing, cutover activities, and currently supporting user acceptance testing
  • Activated required embedded BW data objects for required compliance reporting

Profitability Analysis

  • Worked as solution architect for account-based profitability analysis
  • Design required derivation rules for market segment reporting and analysis

Product Costing

  • Facilitated current design and executed required proof of concept for complex subcontracting process and in-house production

New GL/Profit Center Accounting and Reporting

  • Optimize new GL document splitting to support required business segment accounting and reporting
  • Facilitated design for global hierarchy per business requirements.
  • Contributed strategic insights for various business processes and devising solutions based on functionalities supported through S/4 HANA 1610