Technology Consulting & Managed Services Delivered.

In a Contingency and heavily Commoditized Technology Consulting

Environment, Clients have learned to "settle and make do" with
Ad Hoc, non structured recruiting efforts of Technical Staffing
Companies  who have never built Technology Consulting Teams,
don't understand the Software Development Lifecycle and how
 it devolves to recruiting priorities, and don't adhere to any
Value Added Methodology in their recruiting practices.  
Needless to say, these traditional staffing models create
 uneven (at best) quality and performance levels.  
​Chestnut Hill Technologies, as a highly evolved Hybrid Technology Solutions and Consulting Services Firm, has built in a Best Practices Resources Delivery Model to Clients which embodies the best in Big 4 Recruitment, Retention, Technical and Functional Evaluation, and Corporate Culture  synthesis of aligning the Consultant's greatest strengths to the Clients greatest areas of need. With our over 20 Years of providing Best Practices IT Cyber, Project and Resource Offerings to our Clients across numerous industry verticals and both Public and Private sectors, and thousands of vetted, proven Consultants  on project and in inventory, we excel at gaining a 360 degree, inside out understanding of our Clients' environment, culture and technology stack-quickly.  As a Best Practices Technology and Cyber Security Partner, our preeminent mission to Clients is to be a Business Enabler and Creator of Efficiencies  through delivering Project Solutions and Resources at the right price point and per the Clients' timeline.

Recruitment Process

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